Category: Working as a Musician

  • Starting a Profitable Music Studio

    Starting a Profitable Music Studio

    Many professional musicians find teaching to be personally fulfilling and an important part of their annual income. Sharing your love of music with someone else is incredibly rewarding and a way of giving back for the great teachers who inspired us to follow our own path. Teaching the content is easy, but I think many…

  • How To Be A World Traveler

    How To Be A World Traveler

    When asked to describe¬†The Good Life, many musicians include a desire to travel and see the world, often in our top three or four goals. Yet, often we find reasons why it seems impractical or impossible to do so today. My Oberlin roommate, Marty Regan, travels more than anyone I know, and I have always…

  • Orchestra Substitute Etiquette

    Orchestra Substitute Etiquette

    I have been principal trombone of a regional orchestra for the past 15 years. During that time, I’ve seen a lot of substitutes who we wanted to hire again, and unfortunately, a number¬†who we did not want to have back. Sometimes, that’s because of poor technique, but too often, we simply didn’t enjoy working with…